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Originally Posted by BKMLWR View Post
be a wonderful evening for a sunset in blue sky background.....with white puffy clouds..

after loggin a few miles in the rain last weekend...I looked out the window at the puddles and thought....not that bad... off to work we ride....lot cheaper to run than the jeep.....though sometimes I wonder...
got a set of Pirelli Speed Demon tires for the Suzi last week...
wife comment- were you expecting some tires? are worn out on the Suzuki...

then ordered a new set of T63s for the them Wed.
wife comment- why are more tires showing up worn out on KLR....

nothing like going into the fall season on good rubber...

rear T63 didn't seem to last as long..'bout 4k don't know if it was the Newfie trip or the 685 kit..
Haha. I got similar wife comments moments ago... "What did you order from twisted throttle this time?" Lol

My plan to drive north out of the rain was a fail. Poured all the way to lac megantic with fog and poor viz. found the first must have for the strom: road pegs and or a better higher seat. It was a long 300+ mile day and I'm feeling it already. My favorite part... Rt 3 border crossing had a drivethru garage. The cbp guy asked if i needed a coffee or to use the head. Fantastic service and a good 15 minute indoor break.

On a sidenote, whats with quebecers? One passed me in an suv in grafton notch and i wasn't exactly holding up traffic if you know what i mean.

I wish i took more pics but my phone died which caused me to take a 1hr detour sans gps. Powered tankbag will remedy this (thats in the next TT shipment i'll be getting hell for)

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