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Russell Day-Long Group Buy 2013-14

Originally Posted by Matt fe2o3 View Post
What part of your post am I not understanding:

1). OP advised he worked off hours and folks needed to be patient in getting a response to a PM and this was not an immediate done deal.

2). You decided not to be patient and not only badgered the OP for a PM, you called the vendor to discuss a GB that you has no hand or effort in setting up?

3). You now post there is no GB without discussion from OP, and you have posted only twice in this entire forum..

That about sums it up. So hokay;

a). Remind me to never do you a favor. You are too high maintenance.

b). The GB attempt has no value to a vendor unless there is substantial interest. You show up with a coordinated effort for 5 or 10 seats and the maker kinda shrugs. You show up with 250+ peeps, then that represents good income that might go elsewhere. That's why it is done, to leverage value for the group while supporting a vendor.

c). Really you can do or call whatever or whoever you like, however nobody is going to drop their world to rub your back and coax you to buy a seat. It was not like the OP was saying to send him money. Instead of being patient you took a nice steaming dump on yourself.

d). Frankly if you called me up out of the blue with your impatience I would tell you to piss of too - just like the lady at RDL did.

Here's a bit of advice: Lighten up, take an anti-anxiety pill or whatever, relax, let the ideas unfold. If you can't handle the concept of a GB don't get involved.

Then again for all I know you are the official spokesman for the OP, but me thinks not.

OP thanks, will wait and see how this develops.
Well said Sir!

If kltk1 allows Mick, the Helper on the group buy list after this, he's a better man than I am.
Mike Williams
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