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Originally Posted by Matt fe2o3 View Post
We were typing out the tunes at the same time

But not to derail the topic. I need a seat for my Caponord and lucky me has a spare OEM set sitting on the shelf.

I like the small squares or diamonds. I see them in vinyl, have to figure out if they do them in leather as well.

Most of my riding is Bay Area commute with jaunts to DV and Nevada, but generally I am not a 100 degree+ weather rider. Bike is under cover either from my arse or garage most of the time.

So real question is vinyl versus leather for comfort. Would love to hear folks chime in on RDL vinyl vs. leather experience.
Indeed we were. I warned kltk1 about people like that. I spent more time trying to undue the damage caused by individuals like him than I did collecting people's info for my list. I knew the "Helpers" would show up and unfortunately, he won't be the last.

I have had both the all vinyl and the all leather seat from RDL. I honestly could not tell a difference in the two by way of comfort. I've heard some say that the vinyl is hotter, but I did not experience that. The vinyl is by it's very nature a little slicker feeling (you slip around on it a bit more). The leather (if properly taken care of) should outlast even the highest quality vinyl though. I considered going back to vinyl this time, but I think I'm going to stick with leather.

You can get the diamond pattern you asked about in either vinyl or leather.
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