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Originally Posted by kltk1 View Post
Ok folks, as of 8:45 PM EST, we're up to date on PM's. Everyone should have received a response. We're at 97! Excellent!

I received one question regarding building a seat on a Corbin seat pan. Does anyone know if Russell will build on an aftermarket seat pan?

Thanks for the support Matt and Mike. It's really appreciated. Have a good night everyone.
No problem man! You are doing a great job!

To answer your question, they don't like working on Corbin pans and they used to refuse to do so. The last time I spoke with Kim though (less than a month ago) she said they would build on a Corbin pan. I had called to make sure they would build on a Harley Hammock pan. When I mentioned that I knew they didn't do seats on a Corbin pan, she corrected me and said they do build on them now. I would suggest the person inquiring about it, contact RDL himself and ask based on the exact model bike he is putting it on to be sure.

Just tell him not to bug them about our group buy during his inquiry! In fact, don't even mention it!! LOL
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