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Russell Day-Long Group Buy 2013-14

Of course she told you they were not doing a group buy. If you take a moment to think about it, I think you can possibly even figure out why. You are calling her to inquire about a seat build they get over $500 for retail. Do you think she's going to tell a potential customer to wait two months and he can buy it for $400? Absolutely not!

RDL does not and never has organized a group buy. People like kltk1 do that for people like you and I. RDL benefits from it financially without having to lift a finger. If 150 people from this list buy a seat at a minimum of $400 each, that's a profit of $60,000 in one month. We shall see if they pass on that opportunity.

Everyone signing up for this group buy knows going into it that it is not a guaranteed thing. Everyone apparently, but you. It's not your responsibility to make sure the members of this list are not slighted. Do us a favor and don't "help" us anymore. You have done enough to ensure we're not disenchanted.

Maybe you should go back and read your post again. Then possibly, you will understand why you have been flamed.

Originally Posted by Micg1313 View Post
First off my phone call was a question as to the material on the BMW. ( basket weave) in one of the pictures posted . I thanked Kim and inquired about this Forums group buy . Kim replied that nobody contacted them and this group buy was self initiated . She also stated that they again had no plans to do a group buy. She was aware of this by several calls in the last two days.
My intention was not and still is not to quash anyone's effort to make a deal better for all. I just repeated what she said . I didn't want anyone , let alone the original poster to feel slighted or 75 plus respondents disinchanted .

Hopefully it does come to fruition and everyone gets the discount.
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