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Russell Day-Long Group Buy 2013-14

Originally Posted by Kreskin View Post
Hopefully by this point any other potential callers to RDL will realize it does nothing but possibly hinder the chance of a group buy happening. One of the biggest benefits to RDL besides a whole slew of business is the fact the majority of the legwork is done and they don't need to spend endless hours on the phone, when that changes the odds of a group buy happening drop.
I know last year, they would not accept phone orders for the group buy. Everyone had to place their order electronically.

As far as calling them beforehand... I would encourage anyone that has a product related question to call them. The best way to decide what you want is to speak with them directly with your questions. A lot of those questions can be answered here by members with lots of experience with their product, but if not by all means call RDL.

The problem comes in when you start speaking to them about the group buy. If I'm Kim or anyone else fielding calls and answering questions about my product, my end goal is to sell that caller a product before they hang up the phone. When I here the words group buy come out of their mouth, I know I will not be making a sale to that caller. I would imagine that gets very aggravating after a while. Even so... They have come to expect it this time of year.

What does the real damage is when Kim denies knowledge of a possible group buy, the person comes back to the forum and reports that the group buy is not going to happen. I had several people do that last year during my group buy and I spent hours trying to keep people motivated afterwards. Several people removed themselves from the list to go in a different direction because of it, only to return after the others got their seats to express regret for not sticking around.

They have a great product and are happy to answer questions from potential customers. Just leave the group buy negotiation to the group buy administrator and our chances for success increase tenfold. We already have nearly 100 people on the list in just a few short days. That's way ahead of my numbers at the same point last year. Without making any guarantees, I would be shocked if we are not placing orders with them either the end of November or first of December.
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