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Trans Kansas Trail

Just thought I would post this on here as well.

This had been on my to do list for a while and I finally got to get a stab at it, granted it was on the motorcycle related to do list so it was not that painful :lol:

Regularly here, or on other forums, there is somebody that pops up asking suggestion to cross KS beside I70. As you know depending if you want to stay north, or south different paved roads fit the bill.

In any case, I prefer to ride dirt so I just tried to plot out a route that is somewhat interesting, low maintenance, nice scenery but that does not take a week to do. I also tried to think ahead for gas especially out west and for potential camping spots.

In any case, here is a first stab at it:

Link to garmin route
Link to gpx file

In the last month I got to ride everything East of Scott city. West of Scott, I have rode most of it but it has been a while. In any case, the ride could probably be improved somewhat but that is a start. If you are heading to CO and want to check out the western part for me, please let me know.

Also I have to admit that the NE part could probably used some improvements, too many people and houses I guess
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