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Originally Posted by Vassily28 View Post
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Did you make the copper sheet heatsink on page 8 of the manual? I assume you didn't try the heatsink Innovate sells (see below)?
So the old link was not working anymore so:

And yep, after fist error codes i've tried the heatsink sold by innovate and it didn't change the over all results. The results was the same error codes. It happened a bit later than previous but still results in impossibility of recording a complet log for the rear cylinder. Like said before, it's probably cause of the proximity with thecylinder and a temperature too high for the probe.

Oh, if you try the heatsink by innovate, don't forget to use a "never sized" stuff cause it is in SS. Dont ask me why, but i know have a M18 tap im my tool box.

So I talked to Innovate and they said that the bung for the M18 O2 sensor needs to be 24" away from where the header exits the cylinder.

These seem to be your relevant pics from your link above. If I'm looking at them correctly it looks like you reused the OEM AFR bung location for the rear cylinder, that's only 3" away from the header so not surprising that you cannot get a reading on the rear.


Seems the heat shield is further back on the Adventure than on my 950. I was thinking of mounting into the rear header at the red arrow which is 22" from the rear cylinder (measured). The location is at the exit of the bend right before the 2:2 connection, not sure if that will be an issue?

For the front cylinder I'm not so sure, the ideal location is right next to it but it's blocked by the rear mounting screw for the heat shield.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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