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Originally Posted by Bigbird View Post
I'm wanting to give trials a try and have a line on a 2001 Montesa 315R. Guy is asking $2000 for it. Haven't seen it yet or know the history. Is it a good "beginners" bike? And, assuming the bike's in nice shape and doesn't need anything major, is the price a fair one? What are the strong points of the model? How about weak points and things to keep an eye out for? I'm completely new to trials so any tips on this will help.
I can chime in on this a little. I picked up a 2000 315 R a few months ago for the same price range. I chose the 315R because it seems to be well liked and is built pretty solid, plus I could get one in the price range I was looking for. I haven't done much but clean the carb and make minor adjustments here and there. Just slapped a new set of Dunlops on it today. I really like the bike and think it was a solid purchase for a first trials bike. I rode my first event a couple weeks ago and had a blast with it. Now I have a bug and want a vintage one too so I can ride both vintage and modern!

I really like trials because I can have fun and not completely wreck my body or kill myself. I also like how it is a competitive sport, but doesn't seem to have the string of douchenozzles that other types of motorsports have. I tried to get back into dirt a few years ago and snagged a KTM 520. Went right back to "teenager stupid" and figured I needed to try something a little more fitting before I tore something up really good. Shit just doesn't heal like it used to. I suppose it doesn't help that I am fat and out of shape though.

I think you would be really happy with it if it isn't a complete pile of sheeite.
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