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Things didnít go well so there will be no riding for me this weekend. The good news is being able to spend the weekend working will help pay what the shop is charging me for a 45,000 mile service and chain tensioner repair on my F650. Not only that I get to add more to this ride report.

Now where did I leave you? Oh yeah, I left you sitting on the White Pass Scenic Route.

From Yakima I would ride Hwy 12 which goes over White Pass. Hwy 12 is my 2nd favorite east/west route across Washington State. My favorite is Hwy 20 the North Cascade Hwy but thatís much further North.
The rode cuts through forest and rock cliffs as it follows the Tieton River.

The tunnel, I like the tunnel

Going into the light


Is this what going into the light is like? Not bad.

There is snow peaking down off those hills above Rimrock Lake

Iíve traveled this road I donít know how many time over the years and always enjoy it. There havenít been many changes over the years other than maybe the road kept up a little better and a few places it has been widened. Itís a two-lane road without a lot of traffic but at times I do get stuck behind a truck or RV. Since Iím rarely in a hurry I donít get too stressed out about trying to get around the slow moving vehicles I just kick back and enjoy the views. There are places to pass but at times it is a distance.

One change is a viewpoint west of the top of White Pass. It was a dirt wide spot along the road that wasnít marked until just a few years ago. I stop there almost every time I go through to enjoy a brief break and a great view of Mt. Rainier. I have pictures of most of my motorcycles over the years at this spot with the mountain in the background. Now itís paved and there are signs letting motorists know about the viewpoint. The chance of enjoying the view in solitude is gone but more people get to enjoy what I have enjoyed for years.

The White Pass Scenic Byway sign is now at the view-point and of course there is the view.

Another favorite view is just a few miles west of the view-point. As you are riding along not seeing the mountain, you round a corner and it feels like you are going to run right into that big white snow covered mountain.

It looks like someone didnít stop at the stop sign, so sad.


The next stop is the Ike Kinswa State Park for another geocache.
A nice path however GPS reception wasnít very good here.

The trees opened up some and I was able to verify I was still going the right way.

Thereís the cache

I left the shamrock with the ladybug sticker and took the cancer sucks bumper sticker.

As I was walking back I thought about cancer and two people in my life who are battling the horrible disease and how they are handling it very differently. My nephew has brain cancer is angry, bitter and doesnít want to see or talk with anyone. Iím respecting his desires but it breaks my heart that he doesnít want to see me. My best friend, who is more like a sister, has stage 4 melanoma and is fighting it with everything she has. She is working on her "bucket list" and making the best of her time.

With being out there in the quiet beautiful forest it was easy to let my mind wander to sad places but then I reminded myself I had quality time coming up with my friend helping her go through that bucket list. Then I started thinking about some of our past trips and my mood brightened, we always have lots of laughs and make good memories.

I like the moss hanging from the trees. The east (dry) side of Washington State has evergreen forests but not the lush moss covered forest like the West (wet) side does.

Back where the bike was parked is the day use area and the beach. There were a few people relaxing alongside of the lake, a couple families enjoying picnics and kids playing.

Ike Kinswa State Park was another park I had not been to before and again I was pleased with what I found.

I re-filled my water bottle and it was time to move on since I still needed to get where I planned to camp for the nightÖ..
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