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I live in Edmonton and I have seen/heard of folks getting pulled over by police noise traps.

One fellow got pulled over a week or two ago on his 1150GS; the police officer looked at him and laughed and said "carry on your way". So the law doesn't seem to care too much about ADV bikes.

There are a lot of Harley and Harley clones that make a TON of noise. Even out here, sport bikes aren't too bad. They CAN be loud but at least in my area I don't notice them very often (and if I do it's very fleeting).

Overall I think the noise bylaw is a good idea but I'd prefer it to be more general -- so that it targets bikers less. For instance I more often get woken up by a kid down the road with a who-knows-how-many-million watt stereo in his import. I can feel the bass from my apartment when he's on the street. That is just as disruptive in my mind as a bike (and at least with a bike, I get the pleasure of saying "ooo which one is that!").

So, I'm not in favor of laws that target bikes like this, but do understand the need to laws to discourage stupid noisy behaviour.
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