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Does it have wheels?
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With that said I climbed aboard, and immediately felt like a moron. I couldn't figure out how to fire the beast up (after confidently stating I didn't need a primer on any of the controls). Being keyless (electrics are activated when the key is 6’ from the bike) I, err, did need some instruction. Instead of a push of a starter, there’s a red trigger-switch like button on the right bar that is pushed downward, which felt remarkably like a weapons system had been activated. Simple, cool.

I was lucky enough to sit my butt on a Diavel this summer too. I too glossed over the part about how to start the Diavel and then when the small group ride was about to begin, guess who held up the pack because he couldn't figure out how to start his bike... The keyless part gets better, after I ride my Z1000 home and I'm searching for my house keys I pull out the Diavel key. Damn it! Despite the key issues I had, I loved the Diavel. I got the exact same feelings you did after riding it. Except the one I rode had termi's on it. Lots of burbling and popping!
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