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Originally Posted by oz97tj View Post
I just placed an order for one of these. I cant wait to give it a test...
If you not totally stoked by it we will refund you completely... I think you are going to be blown away. We have had such great feedback and sales that we are super happy. It really is like a jack of all trades tool for electronics, and so easy to carry as just security...

In addition we are going to be offering a harness that attaches full time to the battery... sort of like a battery tender harness, but with 8awg wires and the Micro-Starts EC5 module tip... this will allow anyone to easily just plug in the Micro Start and jump the bike without needing to attache the clamps to the battery, or even carry the clamps... just plug it in and jump it... but the kicker is we will have a reducer-tip that will go from the EC5 to the normal SAE tip so you can still use this harness to hook up your regular charger and charge the battery without removing the seat.


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