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Wed 6/5. - Early morning start going north, today should be a long ride. I have been doing better with packing/unpacking at this point. I repack some items in the saddlebags instead of the top box. I started to feel that the trip has officially started, the scenery, wildlife, isolated areas, untouched land, not that many people on the road, it becomes more and more remote and secluded. I love it. The tunes in the headset, the wind , the sun, the smell, I feel connected to nature…freedom. It's hard to explain but really great feeling. I can’t wait to see more as I move north. Life is good.
I see a large bear on the side of the road, than a family of Bison still sleeping, and more bears, many more. Apparently the bears are feeding from roots at this time of the year, in July the berries season will start and they'll be more inland. It has been rainy all the way this morning and I use the heated jacket and gloves.. Its a life saver, comfortable and warm. I stopped at Prince George for early dinner/ late lunch at the burger joint. One of the things I'm picky about is coffee. I love espresso coffee. Outside the burger joint I've notice second cup. I went to the store to order a coffee and I see a Ducati coming and park beside me. While I order my triple shot espresso the guy with the Ducati and I already in the midst of discussion. We decided to sit outside and have a coffee. Terry is a local resident in PG and a biker in heart. We talked about trips, bikes, kids and family. It was great discussion and Terry gave few good tips on the area. Thanks Terry. I headed north skipped Dawson Creek into rt 29 to Fort St Johns. Long ride today. I decided to stop for the night at the Moberly Lake. This time I'm the only guy in the facility. The ranger came to take the fees and we chat for a while. I told the ranger that I wanted to go to Liars hot springs tomorrow and he says its two days trip. Too long for one day on a bike…I must admit, the bike is extremely comfortable, 10 hrs on a saddle is no worries.
Again put the bear canister away and went to sleep. The campground has no running water so shower is out of the question today. Maybe tomorrow.

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