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We are screwing ourselves

Originally Posted by Barnone View Post
I agree with JDK 100%.
Why do s need loud pipes? Need attention? Ride with your horn taped down.
That's not only a Toronto problem - it's an issue all over North America.
I went today for a nice leisurely ride with The Wife on the pillion. We stopped at a fairly posh continental restaurant, which was trying to get into the spirit of upcoming Oktoberfest: a beer garden in the warm autumn afternoon.

Everything was just fine, pleasant weather, a bit of a breeze, hushed voices (unfortunately, I cannot tell you about the beer: I had an ice tea). Then, a cruiser came to life in front of the place. Potato-potato. POTATO! POTATO!

Half of the restaurant patrons turned around and looked at us with a scolding glare. Trying to explain that my own bike is perfectly quiet would have been pointless, no? I was annoyed by the exhaust racket myself. And what's with the blipping of throttle?

Ergo: I have no problem with roadside noise checks. Better that than having motorcycles banned by the pissed-off public.
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