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3 days on the new to me Tiger.

Just had a lovely 3 days riding around the south east of Qld and Northern NSW on the new Tiger. Great bike for that style of riding and had a ball.

Day One
Well it was an early start at 520am to make it to Beenleigh for the 7am kick off for an ADVrider ride with several of the crew. Was a fun ride.

I wont bore you with the details but can share the vid that Strummer put together which is awesome.

I was with the guys through to Killarney and had a great time, thanks so much everyone. As the rest of the guys headed towards home after lunch I headed south with no real plan. Some really nice countryside went by.

By 1pm I had found my way to Urbanville and it was time for a beer, especially when the pub looks like this.

After a beer and a chat with Darryl the Publican I made a plan to drop my bag and he very kindly layed out a nice loop for an afternoon ride. There was a huge variety of terrain and a great dirt road weaving through hills and across numerous rivers and creeks.

At about 330pm in the afternoon, any afternoon, there are only so many pubs that any of my bikes will ride past, and that number is 0. Stopped for a beer here and met some odd locals Ė all good though.

Got back to the Pub about beer oíclock and settled in meeting a few locals and others staying at the pub whilst working in the area. Scored as there was a 4 course Mexican dinner for $25 and also got invited back for a trail ride on the weekend. Stoked!

Well woke with a country pub hang over after a few Turkeys fairly late with Darryl. The damn cockatoos were a very early alarm. So being up I went for walk around Urbanville prior to breakfast. Itís a lovely place and I had to look twice as a dog looked like a pig which was actually a pig out for a morning walk.

After a breakfast the only plan I had was to be in Ballina that night to catch up with a lovely mate and her son who I havenít seen in ages. Riding was nice and I cruised through a couple small towns including Grevillia where it looked like a shop or pub had burnt to the ground not so long ago.

Stopped in to Kyogle to fuel up the bike and myself before heading towards Nimbin.

I HATE Nimbin. Im the last person to judge anyone for doing what they want but seeing drug deals so openly happen and all the scummy smack heads in the street is a clear demonstration that once was an ideological shift from the mainstream has failed measurably. I was there 5 mins to get a map and couldnít leave quick enough. Just outside of there was a lovely view on my way to Nightcap National Park and Minyon falls, the road into which was dirt and LOTS of fun.

After an awesome lunch with a very close friend in Lismore I headed down to Ballina. Stopped by the river then out at the point on the way to my mateís place where it was dinner and vodka time. One of the key reasons I bought an ADV bike was to go visit mates and to take interesting ways of getting there, the Tiger is ticking all those boxes.

Well after a great night and breakfast in Ballina I headed north. Pulled up at Lennox and it was pumping. Spewing I didnít have a surfboard with me.

Heading further north I stopped in at Bryron Bay and went up to the lighthouse which is Australiaís most easterly point (for the non-Aus readers). It was a glorious morning and a lovely place.

After Byron a short detour into Murwillumbah for a coffee with an old uni mate who races old Ducatis and is a great guy. After that it was all just Pacific Highway/Gateway/Bruce Highway home.

Loving the Tiger. It still needs a few farkles and a couple more serious mods but its quite capable and as I get used to it the better it will be Im sure.

Thanks for taking the time to go through such a LONG post.
More gear and still no idea.
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