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Castellation Mod

I just bought a couple of stoves last week. They are awesome! They burn really hot though, obviously. So, rather than buy a simmer stove, which I will probably do anyway, I came up with a castellated add-on for the full bore stove. It seems to work pretty well, and if nothing else, may serve as the nugget needed for innovation. I have no idea if I'm doing these pics correctly, but here is a go at it:

And (how did you do this?!)

Yup, just a simple automotive/household clamp!

It seems to work pretty well. I dented the crap out of one of my stoves by not being real careful with the vice. It still works, but I wonder if it is contributing to a couple of oddities I have experienced, or if maybe my structure is flawed in some way, or if maybe these are just normal for the stove. First, it seems to take longer for the jets to form; about 1.5 minutes. Then when I set a pot on top, the jets die down, almost to gone, but then "warm" back up again. Last, my son blew on the stove at one point and that caused one of the jets to extingusih. It did not fire back up on its own, but when I applied flame to it, it came back on.

I was not real careful about noting times and such, to simmer, and burn out. Sorry about that. If anyone is interested, I could do such a test or two. Otherwise, these clamps are pretty cheap, and the Dremel cutting wheel makes short work of the castellations.

As a note to the stove-maker, you could maybe consider buying some clamps like this, and drilling through the clamp and the can at the same time, to insure the holes are lined up, then simply bore out the holes on the clamp to make them larger. Just an idea...

I had a lot of fun tinkering in the garage with this! It would be neat if I could lay my hands on some kind of rubber band that could do this too, but I was having trouble locating something to use for that, at Home Depot. Maybe such a material is just not commonly available outside of industrial applications. Obviously it needs to be heat resistant, and stretchy. Well, this metallic clamp works ok. It probably weighs more than the stove, though!
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