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Can't say video is always that exciting. And this isn't. But if you're curious what riding from the Sunset district of SF to 19th through the park and onto the GG Bridge looks like, here goes:

I had intended to leave much earlier in the day, (I'm heading North and the setting sun is on my left) but my Gilles rearsets had seized up on me (at Sonoma Raceway during a trackday, no less). Some penetrating oil, a drill, tap, 4mm socket head screw and a lot of JB weld later things were mostly back to normal. I left wondering if I'd be able to do a few thousand miles without them locking again (or falling apart). Gilles customer service responded quickly, as did the distributor I bought them off of (Shift-Tech), but they said there's no way I'd get the updated parts (they had problems with the bearing design and supply new parts for those with issues), in a week. Now, two weeks later Shift-Tech has told me it's going to be another two weeks. If it locks up again I'm going to start a new "Fixie Motorbike" club in Portland I think. All I need is a pair of thick rimmed spectacles, some testicle-clamping jeans, an ironic mustache, tweed cap and "Gilles" T-shirt. Single speeds are where it's at, brothers!
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