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The next stop is Lewis and Clark State Park. It has camping so this is where I would call it a day.

The campground was fairly empty so I headed out to look for the cache before setting up camp. The trail to the cache was a little ways from the camping so I rode up to the trailhead.

When I got to the trailhead I noticed a man in a car parked on a spur road within eye-shot of the parking area. I sort of wondered what he was doing but started out on the trail anyway.



It was so pretty out there


I walked a little ways down the trail but I kept thinking about that man in the car and there was no one else around. My gut instinct told me that wandering alone into the dense forest might not be the best idea.

There probably was nothing to be worried about and the man may have just been enjoying some quiet time but I listen to my instincts. I rarely have feelings like that so when I do I listen. Hopefully I will never find out if my instincts are correct or not.

I found a campsite, unloaded the bike and set up my home for the evening.


After things were set up I decided to run up to the gas station, fill up the bike, and see if they had anything for dinner. On the way to the campground I spotted what looked like a historic site along the road and wondered if I could access the cache from there.

The historic site was pretty dilapidated which is too bad since it looks like it was a nice stop at one time with a lot of information. The cache was about a half mile from there but there wasnít a trail so I would wait until the next morning and go back to the trail and look for it.

The platform has seen better days


The bark on this tree was very thick.


I returned to camp, had dinner and went for an evening walk. For some reason I didnít take my camera with me when went for the walk which is unusual for me.

Back at camp I checked my pedometer to see how far I walked during the day.

Until this year I had no idea how much I actually walk when Iím out riding and looking for geocaches. Not too bad for a sedentary out of shape gal.
Itís amazing how I have managed to stretch out one day. Weíll see if I do the same with the following daysÖ.
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