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Well, nobody's been in here in a while but I figured since I was new I would drop in and say hello! I am completely new to riding and just bought my first bike (2013 XT250). I haven't taken my BRC yet so I have just been practicing on dirt roads and parking lots, but it has still been a blast. My boyfriend has a 2012 Tiger 800XC so eventually I would love to graduate to a more powerful bike (maybe next year) like the BMW F700 or G650GS because we plan on going on many adventures together and I'll need to keep up. But baby steps...I am still a little intimidated by the little 250! I am in Southern NH so the season is almost at an end but I plan on having as much fun as I can until the snow hits.

welcome! that's the perfect way to start

get some good/warm gear and you will find some days you may be able to ride on nice fall or early spring days
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