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Thanks for the help guys. Pending which direction we went, you guys had us covered. Tetched had a tire lined up for us to use on our way to Marietta, but somewhere during our ride, we passed up SR 78. By the time i figured it out, we were outside Parkersburg. We did an inspection of the tire and decided to just ride it home after lunch at the Levee House in Marietta.

I'm not sure what happened but this was the heaviest the bike was loaded. By the time we got home the tire was covered in cups and flat spots. The leading edges of each "knob" (if you can call them that on a MT90) were doing the opposite of what a dirt knob does. Instead of rounding, they never wore and were left to look like the flashing left from the joint of the mold, the trailing edge smoothed off into the groove. What was left of the tread on the good side of the tire (3-4mm) was gone.

Anyhow, thanks again

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