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... Do it right (don't ride blind-spots, be hyper-vigilant, watch the gaps, watch mirrors, avoid lane splitting between lanes moving at different rates, don't cruise at more than 15-20% faster than traffic) and you'll have no more 'close calls' than you would if you were driving in your own lane (and you'll never be rear-ended). The only incidents I've ever had lane splitting in CA involved someone intentionally tried to run into me. ...
Exactly the same as my experiences. I have about 40K miles splitting lanes in Southern California in the last 3 years with no accidents or tickets. I take the same lines like you do and just go with the flow of traffic (as opposed to trying to beat the cars in a competition). Nice riding.

I bought a good mic for my GoPro. It's the Olympus ME-15. I plug it into the GoPro (I carefully drilled a hole in the side of the plastic case and it's easy to plug in or remove). I put a microphone windscreen on the mic, and tuck it inside my helmet to capture my thoughts while riding. The motor sound is pretty muted but the sound of what I say is very clear. It can make for some interesting videos. I can PM a link to one if you want to hear the sound quality and see what it's like to listen to my thoughts as you watch me do some lane splitting at night. It might be interesting to hear your thoughts while riding - I assume they'd be interesting because of the way you write.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to this adventure. Thanks for posting the link on the Ducati site otherwise I might have missed it.
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