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This comes up again and again. Sure the author is a whiny little bitch but he has a point. That loud pipe shit is incredibly annoying. And the dickwads who perpetuate it always shout foul in the name of "safety" when questioned.

The reality is bleak, and I wish there was a way to get this through the heads of these morons:

If you continue to piss off the voting public with your obnoxious pipes, motorcycles will be banned from more and more areas. ALL motorcycles, not just yours. You are LOSING all of us rights and priveleges because you are selfish narcissistic asshole.

All of this is completely ignoring the fact that 45 degree v twins sound like crap with open pipes on them. Ever heard an HD with a STOCK exhaust? They actually sound pretty nice! The "safety" thing is a worn-out excuse to beget attention.
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