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Originally Posted by davidbeinct View Post
Ever heard the tooth fairy fart? Not gonna happen either.

Almost serious. I have heard a couple of stock HDs and I agree they sound pretty nice. Our master diver has a stock dyna. He said the salesman pretty much instantly tried to talk him into having pipes installed, for "more power." He was like I just want to go for a cruise with my wife, how much more power do I need? Would that more riders had that attitude.

How often do you hear a sportbike with stock exhaust?
How often do you hear a Yamaha cruiser with stock exhaust?
How often do you hear a Suzuki cruiser with stock exhauset?
How often do you hear a Honda cruiser with stock exhaust? (other than a Wing).

My observation around here is the Jap cruisers tend to be louder than the Harley's and I believe it is because they are trying to make em sound like em. Hell they try to make em look alike!

But my personal pet peeve is the sportbikes with the loud exhausts... and I believe it is because 9 out of 10 times it's because when you hear em, they tend to be running down the city streets at 40-50 miles over the speed limit at the top of their rpm limit in second gear. And of course when they stop it has to begin at the top of the rev limit in first gear....

It is extremely na´ve to believe this is a "Harley" issue.

Almost as stupid as expecting anyone to believe a bunch of people in a restaurant would give a rider seated inside, the stinkeye because a loud bike pulled onto the lot. (But it did give the poster another opportunity to bash a Harley...)

And by the way, I ride both. A Ultra Classic with stock pipes and a sportbike with stock pipes.
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