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Originally Posted by damurph View Post
I love ADVRider and the varying viewpoints but is it possible to have a thread about any issue in Canada without an american poster turning it into a gun thread?
Take it to CS&M and leave it there.
Because some Americans on this forum seem to think that any discussion about laws has to involve a reference to guns.

Originally Posted by joexr View Post
I guess SOME people here have dainty ears.
And some people here are assholes. What's your point?

Originally Posted by ttpete View Post
Not so. Many people had them, and many still do. It's just more restricted. Sad thing is that the law changes weren't necessary. Typical move, when a shooting happens they take the guns from the law-abiding citizens who never misused them. FYI, pistol shooting is an Olympic sport. It's not televised because it's not a spectator sport.
Handguns have been restricted and/or prohibited pretty much forever in Canada. I know pistol shooting is a sport - my father used to compete. He was also a paranoid feller and carried a 38 tucked into his pants. I can assure you, it didn't make me feel safer. LOL.

I happen to like firearms a great deal. I just don't feel the need to carry one in my back pocket or have one in my desk at work or need to worry that the whacked out driver that is freaking out on me is very probably carrying.

To the OP - I don't know about a "downtown whiner" but I grew up in downtown Toronto. That doesn't mean I like loud noises or should have to put up with some asshat creating needless noise for the sake of making noise. Anything reasonable thing the authorities can do to change this, I'm happy with. Lord knows no one else seems willing to do anything. The motorcycle community, as it exists in Southern Ontario at least, preaches the "loud pipes save lives" nonsense long and loud.
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