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Friday July 12, 2013
After camp was broke and packed up I headed back to the Old Growth Forest trail to see if I could find the cache. I was still out there alone but this time there wasnít a man lurking in a car nearby. I felt much safer going into the forest alone.

There are always interesting things to see in the forest.

The tree cover was thick enough my GPS wasnít connecting to the satellites but as I walked every so often I could see a glimpse of light which appear to be an area that might open up so I kept going.
In the NW where itís damp/wet there are slugs and slugs come in different varieties. In Spokane all I ever see are the brown slimy looking slugs. I have seen the bright yellow banana slugs in Northern Californian coast area but this if the first time I have ever seen a black slug. This guy looks like a biker slug all dressed up in his leathers.

After posing for his photo op he had places to go. Iím sure he has a Harley waiting for him. Hey looky there, that slug rides like I do.

OK my GPS will be able to see the satellites here, even if there is a high fog hanging.

But before I start following the GPS I took a photo of where I came out so I could find my way back. I could have marked the GPS but that would be too easy.

Headed north 463 feet, no problem.

Stopped to enjoy a flower along the way

Geocache found


It was time to say good-bye to the Lewis and Clark State Park. Itís another park I was very pleased with and itís now on my list of positive places to camp.
Next up
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