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Originally Posted by AdventureBunny View Post
That's great that you were able to handle the 650GS right from the start! Sadly, I am apparently very slow to "get it". When I am riding around in the parking lot or on the dirt road behind my house I feel confident and ride well, but once I even think about getting on the road I lose it. I forget everything and panic. It's very frustrating, but I am glad to have the little bike right now because I would probably freak out even more if I had something bigger and more powerful. The boyfriend says I just have to practice a lot more until everything becomes instinctive and then I won't panic as much, so for now I will just be happy with parking lot drills until I can take the BRC.

Riding a dirt bike in Hawaii sounds amazing! You should get a dirt bike...why not?!
If anyone else had seen me on the first ride I did after my course... I cannot BELIEVE I didn't kill myself or anyone else. Oh my goodness.

I'm sure you're not slow to get it - when I say I made a lot of progress this year, no kidding. I FINALLY understand leaning/turning. It is a lot of practice and I don't get to ride as much as I would like because most of the rides he does I couldn't do but don't really have anyone else to ride with so I feel slow to get better.

And yes, I have done (and still do) a lot of freaking out because when a 650 ends up on your ankle, it's heavy and it hurts! I am planning to take a slow skills course because that's where I'm really awkward lol! I had the bike at my mom's for almost three weeks and she lives across from a college so while I was there I went into the parking lot and practiced. Helped a lot!

I'm so excited for you! It's so much fun and when you have those moments where things click it makes it that much better!

I agree about the dirt bike - maybe next season, we'll start getting serious about it!
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