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Originally Posted by mrt10x View Post
Seeing all these pics makes me feel bleu
I got a ass kick-n last weekend.... you should have been there!
I will need to go back and make a better run at it...

My T-63s were pretty worn, so when they filled up with mud, it was really slippery. Plus the hills were much bigger than usual...

Given that I had a mostly worn T-63, how much of a difference would a good tire make?

What is the best tire for that terrain?

For me:
I would like to see a DS route that just goes down to Dirt Roads, and has rated WR options. I don't even know if I can do a DS Hero 1.0, given what the 2.5 was like.

My DS Hero 2.5 description:

A DS Hero 2.5 has lots of slippery mud, with steep rooted rocky twisty uphill sections usually with a decent size log and/or large rocks sprinkled in. It also has steep downhill sections with occasional large drops where you expect to hear the bashing of your skid plate but somehow magically does not happen if your are on a wrr.
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