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Originally Posted by Box'a'bits View Post
Today: [LIST] The output shaft with circlip. Exciting, I know. Well maybe to just to me.... .
And to me. Had it done twice. First as a preventative measure to my 1989 R100RS while Mike was in there to deal with a failed gear change return spring. Second when getting the R80GS gearbox rebuilt after taking it off the road 10 km or so before it finally let go due to the lack of the circlip!

I had a suspicion the R80GS had ingested water during two deep and prolonged wades on the 2013 Safari early this year, but was too lazy to check. Both final drive and gearbox were filled with pink mayonnaise (formerly red synthetic 75/90) when I did my annual service a few weeks ago. Couple of thousand km run on this!
However, I am not going to lose any sleep over this.
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