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Talking First Bike???

Originally Posted by caea View Post
Hi everyone!
Don't know if this is the correct place to ask this, if not i'm sorry, but here it goes.
I'm currently having lessons to obtain a motorcycle driving licence (Europe). .........With this in mind do you guys think that the F 800 GSA would be a good first bike?
Thanks in advance.
Hi Caea,

Welcome to the forums! Perhaps you could give a bit more information on what your riding interests are and your other sport interests. For example, will you mostly be on paved roads (Tarmac) or off road? Do you ski or snowboard or ride bicycles or hike...?

In my opinion, going with what you "love" counts...but if you can test ride one, it is always good to do so. Here in the US, my local dealer has demos and I was able to ride several bikes before buying my F800GS. I was on a WR450 before the F800GS and in my opinion, I don't feel a lot more power (although there is) I feel a lot more weight and a LOT less vibration on the paved roads.

If your desire is to become a capable off road rider who will ride difficult off road routes, then I would consider starting your off road learning on a smaller, less expensive bike like a 250 or 450 enduro style bike. In my opinion, it is more beneficial to learn off road riding skills on a smaller bike and then transfer those skills to a larger bike. There are others on this forum who started on the F800GS and are very capable riders.

So, in closing, I will say, get what you love and if you can, ride as many bikes as possible and if you end up with an F800GS, also try to get on a 450 or 250 dirt bike and do some dirt training as well.

Cheers - Pangia

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