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Hi JRose and Pangia, thanks for the feedback!

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Hi Caea,

Welcome to the forums! Perhaps you could give a bit more information on what your riding interests are and your other sport interests...

...also try to get on a 450 or 250 dirt bike and do some dirt training as well.

Cheers - Pangia
I will use the bike from commuting to work to weekend rides with small off-road 'incursions' in wide dirt roads, nothing to technical (at the beginning at least), also long distance riding ''exploring'' style around Europe, North Africa this after getting some experience on the bike.
Other sport interests, well; Trail Running, Rock Climbing, Hiking I would say anything which involves nature .

Sure, before putting myself with a more technical dirt road (with a big bike as the F800) I would definitely do some training on a smaller less powerful bike.
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