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Originally Posted by Kommando View Post
Why do they make the law about motos? Cages are often loud too. So are leaf-blowers, jackhammers, fireworks, and a bunch of other crap that people probably shouldn't be messing with during quiet hours.

I lived right along the Kennedy expressway in Chicago for many years, out towards O'Hare airport. With the windows closed, you could barely hear planes, el trains, or traffic going past...until some pinhead with a ridiculous stereo or set of open pipes went past. It didn't matter if they were on a bike or in a cage.

Now, I'm not the sharpest tool in the outhouse, but if I can ascertain that noise is noise, regardless of what it's coming from, why can't legislators and LEOs, ie., supposedly intelligent people, ascertain the same?

Originally Posted by Montague View Post
But the good news is that some places are enforcing, I was out in Edmonton this summer and they equipped the Police with decibel meters.

Lots of the 'wads were getting tickets.

This should happen everywhere. If we want to be respected as legitimate and treated with respect and courtesy, it is time to "silence" the a**hats.
Now I'm all about being respectful to my fellow neighbors and such but there are a lot of lunatics out there that would complain about the smallest noise. What are we to do about them?? Oh, lets turn all of our bikes in and get electric ones... that'll keep the noise down!!

I was camping at Flagstaff lake in a remote location and I got up early to enjoy the sunrise. As I was lighting the fire I heard some noise. WHAT??? NOISE WHILE I'M CAMPING??? UNHEARD OF!! IT SHOULD BE QUIET OUT IN THE WILDERNESS!!!! It was a chainsaw and then I heard the logging trucks. OH NO!! IT WASN'T ALL PIECE AND QUIET!!! WHAT AM I TO DO???

Now lets have an adult conversation about this. Some of us enjoy hearing our engines. It was part of the muscle car era and is a part of motorcycles for a group of us. If you're offended by it then TURN YOUR HEARING AID DOWN!! Seriously, it's part of life. Life is noise. Excess isn't a measurement. What's excessive to one person isn't excessive to another.

Yeah, I wish some people would get quieter pipes but then again I wish my neighbor wouldn't mow his lawn at 8am. I wish that the kid with the crappy car would put a muffler on his car instead of a fart can thinking that it was cool. If LEO/legislation would limit EVERYTHING I might consider agreeing with them. Riding an electric motorcycle just so some liberal people with their noise stuck up in the air wont get offended, NOT HAPPENING.
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