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Looked at your most recent photographs, and thought, damn he was lucky!
Although older in chronological years my left leg looks not unlike yours, however for a different reason.

Stopped riding a few years ago, as a result of
first Lupus then renal cell carcinoma, followed by lymphoma. Missing left
kidney, spleen,a small portion of my pancreas, all my
lymph node in my entire body (chest, groin, underarms) and
three years of chemo which basically messed my balance and any sensations in my lower limbs.
Can't ride a motorcycle that way, so the beloved Goldwing was sold.

A year later in 2011 contracted a severe case of Celulitus which
produced weeping ulcers to the bone. As of date still look at my
left leg which is still weeping and then glance at your photos
and am thankful your wounds are no longer dripping.

Then too while in hospital contracted
C. difficule and M.R.S.A. the former I conquered,
the latter chronic. So numerous drugs keep me alive;
and yes an unhappy appearing left leg, much
like your backside. Long term is always a question;
in my own case cancer, chemo, age (67+)
and physically tall body means my legs
may well never stop completely dripping.

May your recovery be more successful and
your existence improved
Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something."
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