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i just went through this thread. i havent been on ADV all that long, but i have been a LEO a while. as a rider, i'm always keen on trying to slip my agency some crap on restarting a motor unit.

yes. restarting.

there was one in the 80s. several officers were severely injured... mostly when responding to calls. as i was advised, ALL off the accidents were the result of someone in a car or truck.

i personally knew an officer in a nearby city. he was the only motor officer at that department. he was killed responding code 3 to assist an officer on an emergency call.

there are risks involved with riding as a part of duties. i never had an at-fault accident outside of my job. the irony is that as a part of my job, i always think about possibilities of an accident. what other drivers do. how i may react. results of those acts. ways to save it. ways to ditch it. its often the one we never see that bites us, though.

i will also say this.
i met a guy a long time ago through Jeeps and Jeep mods. Along the way, I found that we both rode bikes. lost contact with him for a while... and found that he had been in a motorcycle accident. car pulled out in front of him. he hit it. broke both femurs and the tib/fib of one of his legs.

the guy did not "just" walk again. he healed. he fought back physically and emotionally... he returned to school and completed his basic fire training and is a full time firefighter and has had no issues in the 6+ years he's been with the FD. he also returned to riding. last i knew, he still had a hyabusa.

keep focused and heal up as best you can.
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