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I was stopped from entering the gated community my uncle lives in near Hilton Head. I was on a stock Versys.
The guard girl tells me that even if I had a house in there, I would not be allowed to enter while on a bike.
So, I say, "Who makes such stupid rules anyway ? You can't hear this bike as it goes down the street. If it's about noise , make it a fair rule and keep out loud cars, trucks and equipment. Your rule is discriminatory to motorcycles , that are leagal transport. "
Then I told her they should bulldoze the island back into it's natural state and let the snakes and alligators take it back over. The jungle rules are fairer than the rules you put up.
And I told her since she took money from such an awful place , I was going to put her picture on the internet for ridicule.

Go head , ridicule her !
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