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Originally Posted by windmill View Post
Obviously you cant make everybody happy all the time, but when your pissing everybody off, including other motorheads, you've gone too far.

I too enjoy hearing an engine, but I'm aware the other 99 out of 100 people don't want to hear mine, so I use common sense and practice some restraint. If you choose to make enough noise to cause others to complain, you should be willing to listen to their noise too.

Your exhaust, their whining, its only equitable.
Is it really 99 out of 100? Wow... well, I guess I always thought that it was a lot less people or people that have too high of expectations that no one should be making ANY noise at all. Maybe it's just the changing of times and how people are thinking. True, American vision of the motorcycle is that it's a luxury item.

I guess I need to start saving up for an electric one.
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