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Senna was able to drive an F1 car from that era, 4 wheel drift it out of corners in qualifying trim, then ask the crew if there was more performance left in the car.
Senna says it best about his early carting mentor, Pure racing & driving !
People with this kind of focus, talent & drive WIN, no matter what ! Others are just in the way, Prost & Racing political leaders etc, when someone Great comes along.
Senna had no choice but to act the way he did.
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who's to say? if someone is doing a film/docu on a fallen immortal they are usually going to do it in a positive light. to say that it was purposely left out is pure speculation. they only have 2 hours or less to get a finished product down to.

I got caught up in the Chad Reed James Steawrt SX title drama in 2010 when Stewart won it. The last race at Vegas Reed had a mathematical chance as I recall and needed a good finish with a very bad finish by Stewart.

Reed was out front and then slowed and Stewart had no choice but to pass and Reed appeared to try and...disrupt his forward progress.

Racing to the nth degree? it was Reeds ONLY option. I "hated" Reed for that but have since realized how unique these minds are. the pressure. the desire to win. etc etc etc.

Maybe Senna's mindset was if we both go out I win. game over. even he didn't seem to like it, what little they showed, but I think from what little I saw that Senna came across and was a "good" guy.

pitchers bean batters purposely in baseball, nobody thinks any less of them.

foot ball players bite, grab, hold, trip, clip, blind side, etc etc, part of the game.

you're a much more informed race fan then me but those are scary lofty zones those guys are in given the speeds. makes my beloved motocross seem like miniature golf, but it seems trying to assess those minds is pointless, they are very rare people to compete at that level of intensity.
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