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Originally Posted by Squelch View Post
I'm glad Koreans (or at least the ones that live in my apartment complex) are either honest or ignorant. I rode my bike home from work Tuesday and parked in the parking garage, but drove the car on Wednesday. Late last night I was looking for all the stuff I'd need for work today, and couldn't find my bike key.

It was sitting in the ignition. For 30 hours or so.

Apparently everyone is either straight as an arrow and wouldn't think about stealing my nice new BMW or they just had no idea that the key is in the ignition. I shudder to think what would have happened if I'd done that when I live in Atlanta or Newburgh, NY.

I'm going to tie a bright piece of orange cloth to it from now on, so I notice it when I get off the bike. Of course, if I do forget it, the orange cloth will draw thieves' eyes to the key...
I've done that in NYC a couple of times without it ending badly. OTOH on at least one occasion the VFR's alarm sent a van full of potential thieves scurrying. And one of my VFRs disappeared from my garage in the middle of winter, disc lock left lying on the garage floor in two pieces. Timing and luck.

As for honesty, it seems to come in flavors.

My mother in law speaks of there being crime and insists on fugly razor wire -topped fences around the building but you never actually hear of anything substantial happening. Only problem we ever have is anarchy -type bullshit like neighbors deciding our parking lot is a free-for-all, walking their dogs on our yard (which requires trespassing our driveway and lot!) or dumping garbage (the idiots left identifying papers - haha), or other basic trespass kind of crap. We had one moron who would walk up our driveway, smoke a few cigs in the lot, leave his butts where he stood or toss 'em in our planters then head off to work. WTF. No boundaries with these folks.

When confronting these people about their behavior they are almost always indignant. But I doubt any of them would ever consider actual theft, etc.

So when you see even modest properties bordered with tall concrete walls and motorized gates, now you know why.
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