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Due to a serious lack of either a 1'st hand or 2'nd hand market for two wheeled transport on island (our population is still going down) my only viable option for a bike, as yet, is this little 2 stroke 50 CC Korean rig, which I just purchased and am very very very happy to be adventuring on.

After de-regulating it after work this week on the kitchen floor inside my second floor apartment I can make whopping top speed of about 40 mph. Cruising for a bruising on this beast.

Took it off-road last weekend, down the muddy trails, over the big boulders, down a cliff, and onto hidden beach sands. Got the trip on video with my helmet mounted go-pro. Will be posting the vid as soon as I post-process.

Who says Scooters can't go everywhere? Only issue I had was ground clearance. Had to lift the little beast over some obstacles.

I turned down the plated YZ450F I was looking at after the owner couldn't give me specifics about its maintenance or whether it had been submerged on the trail. That bike was a true monster. In the states it woulda been a no-brainer - ideal performance enduro that with a little bit of work could have made a serious distance dirt traveler and Ralleye bike. I hear that Cyril Depres is going to be riding a YZ450F in this years Dakar.

Here, with no tools and no covered workspace, it was too much of a maintenance gamble and without knowing the history of the bike I let it go. Woulda' sucked to have to tear down the engine in my living room for an unknown maintenance issue right after I bought it.

So 50CCs it is for me right now, the two-wheeled tagging terror of Saipan.

This inmate is glad to be riding again. Glad to be taggin' again. Glad to be adventuring again.


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