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Next up: New connecting rod bearings. I had to file the backside of the anti-spin tab slightly for it to fit in the rod. I set the bolt torque and adjusted washers to get the cotter pin holes to line up. The manual says .005" is about 1/8 of turn. That was helpful and accurate.

I stopped by the local yama/kawa/Honda shop and picked up a tube of yamabond......(4 or 5 I can remember now) to seal the case halves. Together it went.

New/old piston and rings from Baxter cycle. .040" oversized. I'm pretty sure this box of parts has sat on the shelf longer than I've lived.

Then on with the freshly bored cylinders. These are from the 1956 engine as they were in much better shape, although the right cylinder has a broken cooling fin.

Looks like it was Yamabond 4, that's what the infant mechanic Yamaha shop recommended.
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