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Originally Posted by Bluebull2007 View Post
This really is an excellent product, I will be buying the premium for sure.

A couple of questions:

1) When you start out a route, the default road type is main road. How does one change this default?

2) Sometimes there is a complex tulip which has a number of points just after the WP, like a U turn followed by a right hand bend almost immediately. When I choose the point for the tulip, RN takes the heading as the direction from that first point to the next digitized point. This is not the final direction after the turn. So the question is: Is there a way to edit the CAP heading or get the correct heading without having to make two tulips right next to each other?

3) Finally not all of the Dakar icons are available, EMP, S etc. Is there a plan to make them available or does this appear in the premium version?

1) Click on the road type in the editor. Mike's videos demonstrate this feature.

2) Editable CAP heading is in the product roadmap. The calculated tulip is not based on the next "waypoint", but the next "trackpoint", so you don't need another "tulip" right next to it--just a trackpoint.

For now, two options satisfy most scenarios: a) finesse the trackpoints, b) put a range of CAP headings in the description (e.g. "CAP 210-250" means that it starts at 210 but settles into 250). Then suppress the display of the calculated CAP (the videos show how to do this too).

3) Yes, we plan to add all the Dakar "text" as icons. For now, you can type "EMP", or "S".

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