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Originally Posted by bgross View Post
It's an interesting game that we're playing.
We riders recognize the quality of RDL's product and would love to sit on it. But it is expensive. So some of us only dream.
RDL, like any business, experiences "seasonal" peaks and troughs in it's sales, so sometimes it offers "special pricing" as a stimulus during the slow times.
As word has gotten out about seasonal "group buys", RDL's sales have probably evened out - but are they actually selling more saddles? Or are buyers who might otherwise have payed full price during "peak" season - or in the Fall - delaying until winter and paying less?
Only RDL knows for sure, but their Fall business does NOT need to suffer as we eager "thrifty" potential future buyers scare away REAL buyers NOW.
We act like we're helping them, but we might actually only be messing up their sales NOW.
It's no wonder that they want to be "in charge" of if/when/how they offer a "winter incentive". They are not "the bad guys", they are just trying to run a profitable business....

This is business, fair, plain and simple. Purchasing power is nothing new. Nobody is screwing with anyone.

RDL is no different than any other company and for sure if there in interest in 150+ seats right now, they see the money and value. What they probably don't have is the time.

I would recon at least one other seat maker is following this thread. It's 150 seats that once bought from somewhere else is lost opportunity.

Again its fair business to try to negotiate attractive pricing and terms.
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