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Originally Posted by The_Precious_Juice View Post
Not an owner, but a potintial buyer for some North American Adventure Touring in early 2014.

I first started looking over the R1200Gs to better understand motorrad.

After looking into the brand new 2013 R1200GSw, I understand why the R1200GS is the number one bike sold for BMW.

Potinital buyers have a lot of good bikes to pick from compared to just 3 years ago.

I read that the 2014 R1200GSw adventure will be out around March or so.
With cars, I'd never buy brand new (none of my cars are high performance or looked at as toys).
With MCs, I'm willing to make an exception and become the first owner.

I like how the R1200GSA may allow me to have me cake and eat it too.
I'm not too sure, but it may appear that there are a good amount of these bikes on the show room floor still. It looks like some good deals could be had late in the year. Granted, I'd want to buy in late November, early December, and there would be no 2014s adventures on the floor to give me tons of leverage, but I think most buyers are holding off and waiting for this spring (to get the GSw adventure).

the new 2013 base is heavier, but "feels" lighter. interesting.

The big selling point for me is that the current adventure has been around since 2005! That's a lot of recalls and good upgrades and experience labor out there. Also, parts should be plentiful here in North America.

Furthermore, 100+ horse power is plenty for a bike that weighs maybe 40lbs more than a 2013 Adventure V-strom (64hps). but, to be fair, without the large panniers, the V-strom is only about 500lbs. So that's more like 64lbs.... but the gs holds 20.4lbs of more fuel. So again just 40lbs.

I really like how the current adventure is air cooled. less gremlins the better.

I checked fulley, and it looks like the fuel ecnonomy is about the same. Granted, most of the GSw riders are having a blast! The may could give two sh%^s about fuel economy.

I agree, the Ducati influced this bike to go more sport touring.
Like post two typed, it all depends on what you need. I'm looking for a dependable MC, therefore, I'd go GSA.

Just my worthless thoughts.
Don't kid yourself, the new engine is a vast improvement over the cam head.
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