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Originally Posted by JetSpeed View Post
But in actual reality, I've ridden both my 05 and GSW offroad and while there is a difference its nothing that can't be overcome with a little more clutch work in the slower technical spots and you won't smoke the clutch on the GSW, otherwise the GSW is a better mount for most dirt/fire roads and 90% of the other offroad riding I do, for anything above about 8-10mph the GSW is more pleasurable.

In a nutshell; any skillful rider will have no problem doing on the GSW what he was able to on the previous version and in most situations do it better.

A lower first gear would be a plus and I expect to see either that or a lower overall final drive ratio on the upcoming ADV model.
I wouldn't necessarily describe myself as a 'skillful rider'... but offroad is where I get my kicks. I've spent 8 or so hours putting myself and the latest GS through it's paces offroad. And yes, I can still do what I'm used to doing on the previous generation boxers... but that low down, tractable torque, simply isn't there on the WC engine. Combine that with the electrickery of traction control, and what would've been straightforward on my GSA or HP, is now pretty frustrating. Maybe I'm getting old and boring, but I'm not sure I need that extra power, more than I enjoy that low down pull...

I will say that the ABS is some kind of voodoo offroad

All the gear.. no idea!
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