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This was my summary in a previous post

This banter reminds me of the "old school" Vs "new school" debate that was on when they revolutionised snow ski design I.e when the new parabolic ski design hit the market. There was strong debate but in the end technology ruled as the new designs were easier to turn and more fun. All it took was a giving the new technology a decent test ride and the rest is history! Remember there are-

Things you know
Things you know you don't know
Things you don't know you don't know
And some things that you don't want to know about!

Ps have owned both and are both great machines .... Just like my old and new skis!

Notwithstanding this I think there is a valid point in this post about the GSW loosing the "tractor factor" off road. It will be interesting to see if the new GSA brings this back via lower gearing etc.
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