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Originally Posted by IrishCatholic View Post
So, when you switch to enduro mode and the mapping changes, along with the suspension, abs and traction control, it is still unsuitable for the dirt?
I can only compare it to my '05. Set up as you noted the '13 is much better than the '05. The enduro ABS/ASC is magic. However, I think part of their complaint is related to technique. If you want to grunt along at very low speed/low RPM near lugging the engine the earlier bike is better. The camhead, in particular, had a bump in the torque curve at about 2300 RPM. See

But why stay at low RPM? You've got a wet clutch. USE IT! Keep the RPM at about 3K and slip the clutch. It gives you plenty of torque and more control than you had with the older bike. More torque... more control. Yeah, its a different technique. Well, its a different bike.
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