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Originally Posted by VEGASGSA View Post Inmate who keeps telling me that regardless of what I think..the new motor is better no matter what, than the older Hex or Cam heads..He and I had an ongoing debate in another thread..

I, like you, think the previous two generations, were (are) more useful down on the bottom...Some of the riders at Touratech agree with us to some extent..

He and I just disagree on the issue..I only have 100,000 miles of experience with boxers, so maybe I'm not the guy to query on it..only maybe 40% of that off pavement..
Yeah... so what would a combined experience of a couple hundred thousand miles count for anyway...

Originally Posted by IrishCatholic View Post
So, when you switch to enduro mode and the mapping changes, along with the suspension, abs and traction control, it is still unsuitable for the dirt?
Just to be clear IC - it's far from 'unsuitable'. Anytime you have an opportunity to open her up, the engine is an absolute weapon, reminding me of my HP2 (I should do the maths to compare power-to-weight). And the ABS and traction control are mighty impressive.

It's just that when you get to the slow, technical sections, the engine seems to want/need a lot more revs to keep it going. This is not bad, per se, just very different... and I can imagine this being even more pronounced when 2 up and loaded, on a GSA size bike.

All the gear.. no idea!
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