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Originally Posted by Ride-a-lot View Post
My opinion. Starting with a new bike is a very bad idea. You ARE going to drop it, probably several times. Dropping a new bike can get very expensive fast if you fix it to new condition.

You would be smart to get a small used bike and ride it for a year while you get all your newbie whoopsies out of the way. If you get a bike that is mechanically fine but has a few scrapes and dents from previous tipovers after a year you will probably be able to sell it for what you paid for it if you only add a few more scrapes.

Starting your riding career with a new bike in my opinion is never a good idea.
That is a really good idea. i started out on a kawa 250s then upgraded to a kawa 650. and finally 4years after the 250s got a 800GS 2013. love it and cherish it with every strand of my DNA. I would have trashed this beautiful peice of machinery in the beginning. doesnt mean i dont use it offroad though. ;) heheeehehehe

Theres 2 types of riders. those who've crashed and those who havent crashed yet. welcome to the club. be safe and always wear your gear no matter how uncomfortable you are. uncomfortable is always better then dead.
You always think your in control of your bike no matter how fast your going....
Until that split second that your not. and then its all over from there. one second is the difference between life and death.
There are 2 types of riders. those whove crashed and those who havent crashed yet
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