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Originally Posted by waveydavey View Post
Ummm, I'm not too sure why you are pissed off. This just means we will have a consistent test level for noise and the communities that choose to can enforce noise bylaws. Good idea.
I'm a bit pissed of because:
1) those same attention whores that wake me up at 1am as they leave the beer parlour are also waking up non motorcyclists, and also forcing those same motorcyclists to pause their conversation as the pirate blips his throttle to gain a glance from anyone who is within earshot.
2) those motorcyclists who've awaken that great sleepy voting majority out there are now about to force government to not play favourites and to hassle all motorcyclists with spot checks for noise tests.
I'd rather the forced helmet changes in BC would clear out a lot of these guys but they just got cheap ass DOT stickers for their Bernie helmets, so the same losers are still among the serious motorcyclists along us which is a shame.
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