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Originally Posted by Dallara View Post
A couple of quick points...

One, it hasn't been "2 years" since Grok last sold any Harmonizers. It's been 6 months ( Of course, one needs to actually read the thread to know that...

Two, the Harmonizer is Grok's idea, design, etc. It belongs to *HIM*. He put in the time, money, etc. to bring it to life. It's his product to sell - or not sell if that's his prerogative. He has no obligation to give it away freely just because he chooses not produce them at this time. If you want to build such a device you can certainly do so with your own efforts... Just as Tpak is designing, developing, and testing his own such device.

BTW, Tpak... Great work you are doing along those lines!

And no... no quaaludes...

I'm actually on the road "working", doing my media gig at the COTA ALMS-WEC races in Austin.



Guess I missed that one. Well hopefully he will make some more as there seems to be a huge demand. I know I would like one.
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